I was listening to the radio the other day, and the DJ read a very touching letter addressed to single parents. It started off with an observation of parents exchanging their child at a gas station, and went on to express support to those families that had to manage the stress of co- parenting. I immediately thought of those parents that are faced with parenting on their own, either due to the death of their partner or due to divorce. As I have experienced this personally, I could not help but to think how nice it would have been to have those gas station exchanges. I thought of how I may have spent my “free” time if the parental responsibilities had been divided. I thought about how I am going out of town soon and how it would be great if I could call up my co-parent partner and arrange my son’s transportation while I am gone. I had flashbacks of countless sleepless nights where I comforted my children after they had a bad dream, took care of them when they were sick, or waited for them to get home after a night out with friends. I thought about how grateful I am for family and friends that have helped me along this journey. I also thought about times when help was not available and how it felt as if I would not survive doing it all on my own. Then I thought about how maneuvering life can be such a balancing act. A balanced life does not necessarily mean that a person is distributing equal amounts of time/energy in each area of their life. I came to the understanding that a balanced life can vary from day to day. On a great day, a balanced life will be achieved with little effort. On a horrible day, a high percentage of my energy may be spent on a meltdown and that is okay!