I realized that I drive to work using the same route each morning. I complete my day job, get into my car and travel down the same side streets and freeway to reach my evening job. Once my work day is complete, I continue to use the same route to drive myself home each night. I shudder at the thought of how often my “autopilot” may have been engaged. I began to wonder how much I missed out on during my commute, so decided to make a MINDFUL change.  I began by making a conscious decision to occasionally take alternative paths; don’t get me wrong, there were days that I continued on my familiar paths due time constraints. Regardless of the path that I took, I have chosen to be MINDFUL during my drives.  I started by scanning my body & noticing where I may be holding on to unwanted stress, then I relaxed my muscles and let the tension dissipate. I expressed gratitude for my vehicle for getting me to my destination safely. I noticed the vast sky and admired its ever changing canvas.  I paid attention to the landscape on the side of the roads, soaking in the vibrant colors of the flowers and trees. I found myself giggling after being amused by creative stickers and license plates. When I drove by the ocean, the water had an instant calming effect that radiated through my body and the reflection of the sun warmed my soul.  I glanced at birds flying in the sky and admired the freedom of their flight. Finally, I couldn’t help but to notice the people that are sharing the roads with me. One lady appeared to be pouring her heart out in song as she tapped her steering wheel to the beat of her tunes. Another car was full of young adults who were all laughing as they sped on by. They seemed to be headed to the beach as they were clothed in swim attire and had beach towels lining their back window. But most of all, I noticed all of those people who appeared to be driving mindlessly or even more worrisome were those people who maneuvered their vehicles with aggression and irritability. My heart went out to them, and my hope was that they will learn to slow down and take a MINDFUL drive.